Age : 14 Years Old

Adult Weight:

Adult Size: Small


Medical: Up To Date on Shots, Spayed, On Heartworm Preventative

Date Posted:

 Brutus is a 14 year old Chihuahua.  We have had him since he was able to leave his mother.  He was a gift to my daughter, she lives in
California and we have him.  He has always had his yearly checkups, I have the paperwork.  He takes a heart pill each month.  The vet
prescribed a joint medication at last visit.  He really doesn't seem to have any problems.  He is a sweet funny pooch, he can have the
Napoleon Syndrome sometimes,  not very often.  I  think he just likes to feel his oats sometimes.  He is better with adults.  He doesn't
really like children.  He loves to sit with you and cover with a throw.  He likes to sleep under cover.  Loves to sun his buns in the
sunshine.  I feel terrible that I need to do this.  I just cannot take care of him anymore with taking chemo.

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