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If you rent, are pets allowed?
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How many children will be in the home
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Do you currently have pets is so, please list
If Yes, how long have you had each pet
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Are your pets spayed or neutered
If no, please explain why
Who is your Veterinarian
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Will the animal live inside, outside or both
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What will happen to the animal if you have to
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Have you adopted from a shelter or a rescue
group before
I have read the above information carefully and have filled out this application honestly. I understand that
there is no guarantee made or implied that any person requesting to adopt an animal will be allowed to
adopt. All decisions on adoptions are subjected to the approval of Alabama Animal Rescue or the Adopting
Rescue Group. I understand that if I do adopt, I agree to the terms and conditions established by Alabama
Animal Rescue. I agree that any animal that I adopt will be spayed or neutered. I agree to allow Alabama
Animal Rescue to contact my current or previous veterinarians as deemed necessary in order to check
my current or past records. I agree to provide annual immunization as required by the State of Alabama.

By pressing the "Submit" button you attest that you have read the above disclaimer and agree to the
terms of this agreement.
Adoption Application

If you are interested in adopting am animal please fill out the following form  and press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the
 It will be sent to the foster home for review.  A home check and vet reference may  be required to be
considered for adoption.  Thanks for wanting to help us save a life.

Once your application has been reviewed, someone will contact you.
Please fill out the application and press Sumit