Inside Cats
What to do When an Inside Cat gets out
Give your photo a caption
Give your photo a caption

Immediate Action:

If your kitty just bolted out the door, do not chase him/her. Assuming there is not
another indoor animal, prop open the door through which he/she escaped and go
around the house through another exit. Attempt to “herd” he/she back through the
open door.
Search Strategy:

  • Indoor cats typically stay close by – on your block or within the surrounding
    blocks – maybe even next door.

  • Cats are nocturnal and will be more likely to be out at night. Grab a flashlight
    and search during the evening hours.

  • Put food and water outside your house.

  • If you have any leftover litter droppings, put them around your yard to attract
    your kitty with the familiar smell.

  • Post flyers (with a LARGE photo) on every telephone post in your local area,
    especially at the intersection of main streets. If you can afford a reward, we
    recommend noting “REWARD” on your flyer (amount does not need to be

  • Continue to look every day, every night.

  • Ask your neighbors to check the bushes in their yard and to help spread the

  • Some owners have had success with placing non-harmful traps with food
    inside. Please ask your veterinarian or animal behaviorist before proceeding
    with this option.

  • And, of course, post your cat’s description and photo under “Lost Pet” on PETS
    911 immediately, as well as search the “Found Pet” listings.

  • Don’t give up. Many determined owners have found their kitties after three
    weeks – one block away.

---Tips from Z CRITTER SITTER, Livonia, MI